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Via G. Falcone 11/13
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P.IVA 02388440162
In over twenty years of activity EUROMETAL has played a leading role in a significant development: from a traditional craft company operating in the structural metalwork sector to a reference standard in the creative use of metals for enhancing the must advanced architectural designs.
With this new positioning, of considerable technical and organisational importance, EUROMETAL has been able to make its mark in numerous development areas: from staircases to bridges and from special structures to roofing. A result obtained by combining the most competitive elements of the modern marketplace: total management of the production process with avant-garde technologies, a belief in “made-to-measure”, efficiency along the whole operating line and overall consideration for quality.

The jobs carried out by EUROMETAL are clear proof of the company’s ability to go beyond the standards and to assist architects and designers to implement even the most innovative and original ideas as regards shape and functionality.
EUROMETAL offers itself as a competent, versatile technical partner, willing to set up a cooperation relationship with the designer that will optimise investments and results.